Trouble Game

Trouble board game for kids with die in plastic bubble

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Rolling Good Fun

Trouble board game for kids with die in plastic bubble
  • What: Trouble Game
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Fun, easy to play, boosts counting skills
  • Where: Amazon

Do your kids get in trouble? Do you want to keep them occupied while at the same time building confidence, counting skills, and strategic solutions? Grab a copy of the classic game of Trouble and get them playing in no time.

Trouble Board Game on Amazon

This classic game comes with a die enclosed inside a plastic bubble. Press to bubble to roll the die and get the fun started. With two to four participants, each player picks a color and tries to get their four pieces around the board to the finish line first. Each color has a specific starting and ending spot color-coded to the four options: red, blue, green, or yellow. Move one piece at a time during each turn. Get a six to get any piece out of its home spot and onto the board. But watch out! If you land on a space already occupied by another player, that peg gets returned to their home spot and must start all over again. Stumble into safety at the finish line by rolling the exact number needed to land. 

Child moving piece on Trouble board game

Kids can choose to get all their pegs out at once, or try and get each piece around the board before bringing out another one. They get loads of practice counting, and have to make decisions based on other players and their moves. With no literacy skills necessary, kids as young as four can play, though getting sent back home can upset some players.

Because the die stays inside the plastic bubble, kids can’t lose it. The entire game fits neatly inside the box, making it easy to store between rounds of fun. Kids also love the popping noise that happens when they roll the dice in the bubble. You can get the same game in various themes, like Star Wars, Trolls, Frozen, and Cars.

If you want your kids to get into the good kind of mischief, get them their own copy of Trouble.

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