Web Resources for Parents

Britax Marathon converitble car seat installed front facing

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Get the Info You Need to KnowBritax Marathon converitble car seat installed front facing

  • What: Web Resources
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Keep kids safe
  • Where: At home

If you have kids, and want the best resources for keeping them safe and healthy, check out these sites. From car seats to screens, they offer a wide variety of topics in an easy to digest format to help parents keep their kids safe.

Common Sense Media logo

Common Sense Media: Whether it’s a video game, show, movie, or app, Common Sense Media has the lowdown. Kids, parents, and educators all chime in with the real details on age appropriate material and specific content, including ratings. If you need ideas or want to check out the newest craze, Common Sense Media can help.

Car Seats for the Littles Logo seatbelt clicking over black heart on yellow background

Car Seats for the Littles: Got a question about vehicle safety? Car Seats for the Littles has an answer. This all-volunteer group can answer almost any inquiry, from the differences between kinds of seats to when to move your child from one type to another. If you have a child that rides in a car, check out this site for all the best information.

healthy living app screen shot environmental working group

Environmental Working Group: Want to make sure that sunscreen you slather on your kids won’t cause problems down the road? Maybe you’d like to check the best food brands to keep them healthy. With EWG (and our beloved Healthy Living Choices app), you have the power to quickly research and compare products to keep your kids healthy and happy. From food pesticides to cleaner ingredients, public health remains at the forefront of everything they do. 

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