Zeus on the Loose Card Game

Zeus on the Loose card game for kids box Greek mythology

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Win the Favor of the Gods

Zeus on the Loose card game for kids box

  • What: Zeus on the Loose Card Game
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, boosts math skills
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to introduce your kids to the Greek gods in a fun game? Perhaps you need a game to keep them entertained that they haven’t played before. No matter what your excuse, you can’t go wrong with Zeus on the Loose.

Zeus on the Loose Card Game on Amazon

In this fast-paced game, two to five players compete to be the first to spell Zeus. Grabbing the three dimensional Zeus figure every time the discard pile (aka Mount Olympus) reaches a multiple of ten, when you match a card already on top of the pile, or by playing a card with the power to steal. Eight Greek Gods lurk in the deck, some with multiple cards, and each with a different power to bring you closer to victory. Once Mount Olympus reaches or exceeds 100, the player holding Zeus gets a letter, the round ends, and cards get shuffled and dealt to start again. Win four rounds to win the game.

Add cards to the discard pile while trying to capture the yellow Zeus figure.

Kids learn addition and subtraction, as well as a bit of Greek mythology with a dose of strategy thrown in for good measure. Add too much to the pile and the next player may earn a letter. Kids have to manage four cards in their hands without revealing them to other players, as well as be able to add numbers up to 100, and read the instructions on the cards of the gods. The game comes with some rule simplification so younger kids can play, too.

Start stacking the odds in your favor and see if the gods smile upon you in Zeus on the Loose.

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