Tiny Toy Hamsters

Zuru Hamster in a House tiny toy on wooden floor next to supermarket play set

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Pets Without Problems

Zuru Hamster in a House tiny toy on wooden floor next to supermarket play set
  • What: Hamsters in the House toy
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Is your kid begging for a pet? Perhaps someone in your family has allergies but you’d like to add some animal fun to your home. Maybe you’d love for them to have the joy of a pet without all the responsibility or expense that comes with keeping live animals. Then consider adopting a Zuru Hamster in a House.

Zuru Hamsters in a House Set of 3 on Amazon

These tiny fuzzy battery-operated toys run on small wheels. They scurry around on hard surfaces, much like Hexbugs Nano but furrier. You can buy the hamsters individually, get them with small accessories like an ice cream cart, or invest in a bigger set that includes tracks. All the pieces can be combined to create larger worlds. Take the hamster to the supermarket and drop food into their shopping cart. Let them check out at the cash register then push their cart out of the store. At the Happy House, hamsters can take the elevator to the upper level, exercise on the wheel, or even use the toilet. Turn on the sound effects for even more fun.

Zuru Hamster in a House toy pet supermarket play set connected with tracks to other small houses
Connect the track pieces to build bigger worlds or play with the hamsters on their own.

My kids love these tiny creatures, and we keep a bin with the myriad pieces. The tracks come in basic shapes like curves and straight pieces that connect, but the tiny pets can also run around freely, too. Each one measures about two inches long, about the size of a golf ball but not as tall. We found our pets at the dollar store and the kids have since expanded their collection to whatever they can find. 

If you want the joy of pets that you can turn on and off, try one of these tiny Hamsters in a House.

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