Best of March 2021

Four First Games by Ravensburger Clue Junior board game for kids in Diono Cambria blue highback booster seat

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Games and Booster Seats for Growing KidsFour First Games by Ravensburger Clue Junior board game for kids in Diono Cambria blue highback booster seat

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The month of March turned up a mix of the most popular posts, from board games for young kids to booster car seats for older children.

Four First Games

Four First Games: This set of games made for preschoolers comes with everything you need to play four different games. Both game boards reverse, and it comes with everything you need to play, including six wooden pawns, 20 flower tokens, 12 chance cards, 12 hot dog cards, and one six sided die with a different color on each side. The games increase in difficulty, from collecting all six types of flowers to reaching the end of the track first. None of the games require any literacy skills, and all of them help build counting and social skills like taking turns.

Diono Cambria 2 Highback booster car seat installed in captain's chair of middle row of 2012 Mazda5

Diono Cambria Booster Seat: This booster seat can be used as both a highback or backless booster for a wide range of kids. It works as a belt-positioning booster for kids who have outgrown their five point harness. The large height and weight range fits bigger kids without a problem, and the seatbelt moves easily through the belt guides, making it simple for kids to stay safe. Two cup holders swivel out of each side. It also comes with LATCH attachments to prevent the seat from becoming a projectile in an accident when not occupied.

Clue Junior mystery deduction logic board game for kids

Clue Junior: This popular twist on the classic whodunnit game lets kids move any colored pawn around the board to collect clues. By visiting each room and checking under each pawn, kids race to solve who ate the cake, with what drink, at which time. Be the first to guess correctly to win the game. Illustrated clue sheets make the game accessible for a wide variety of ages, even those with minimal literacy skills.

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