Ghost Castle Game

Ghost Castle pawns on staircase in first room of board game for kids

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Tricky Traps and Spooky Spaces

Ghost Castle board game for kids set up

  • What: Ghost Castle Game 
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, multiple age range
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a fun new game the whole family can enjoy? Check out Ghost Castle, a spooky race to the finish game with traps and setbacks along the way.

Ghost Castle game on Amazon

In this game, supernatural investigators try to escape a haunted mansion. Avoid being left behind in the building to win the game. But watch out! Hazards abound, from a tricky staircase to a moving portrait and an armored knight with an axe that falls on unsuspecting victims. Ghost Castle uses the box itself and a combination of cardboard and plastic pieces to transform what could be an ordinary board game into a maze of hidden traps.

The glow in the dark ghost sits on top of the tower, waiting to trip up unsuspecting players by dropping a marble with the touch of a button.

The premise remains simple. Move your pawn or pawns the number of spaces rolled on the die. If you land on a red footstep, push the button on Count Spooksalot, who sits perched atop the gables, to release the ball. Get hit by the marauding marble and return to the last safe place to try again. Make it through all four rooms and roll the exact number needed to escape out the door to safety. The die also contains a ghost image, making it even harder to avoid the escapades of these spooky traps.

Ball randomizer inside tower of Ghost Castle board game
Inside the tower, a ball randomizer determines which path the marble takes, and thus which trap gets sprung.

This game requires some serious setup for first time use. After that, assembling the required pieces for the three dimensional castle gets easier. The marble rolls down a tower and randomly follows one of four paths, knocking over any players in its way. Two rooms offer a longer route with less danger. With eight investigator characters to choose from, the game works for two to six players. Want to shorten the playing time? Choose only one investigator per player instead of the usual two. 

Eight investigator pawns on starting
Choose from eight different paranormal investigator pawns.

I picked up a copy of this board game on a whim after reading about it online. We broke it out over spring break with the kids, and boy, is it a huge hit in our family. We played one evening and the kids, at ages 6, 8, and 10, not only couldn’t stop talking about it, but played again as soon as they could the next day. They love the moving parts and extra challenge of avoiding the traps. We messed up the rules on our first attempt, and only used the ghost when rolled on the die. Adding in the red danger zones and footsteps made the traps spring much more frequently, and can cause frustration for some kids. But don’t despair! Even if you get left behind at the beginning, you can still escape before other players.

If you want a fun, interactive race to the finish, look no further than Ghost Castle for your next haunting.

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