Ivy and Bean Books

The Indomitable DuoIvy and Bean books by Annie Barrows Break the Fossil Record and The Ghost who

  • What: Ivy and Bean books
  • When: 6 to 10 years
  • Why: Entertaining, fun, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Have you met Ivy and Bean? These two characters feature in the Ivy and Bean books by Annie Barrows.

Ivy and Bean book on Amazon

These chapter books capture the antics of these two very different seven year old girls. While social Bean loves making people laugh and getting goofy, Ivy prefers to sit quietly back and come up with bunches of ideas. Together, it turns out they make a great team. The first book tells the story of how these two opposites discovered each other. Each installment in the series covers more of their adventures together.

Excerpt from
These chapters books have frequent illustrations.

With twelve books in the series, kids can enjoy all the antics of this daring duo. Buy books separately, or get them in boxed sets of three, including books one to three, four to six, and seven to nine. These chapter books for young kids have delighted millions of readers, and now your child can join the fun.

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