Rainwall Kids’ Rain Jacket

Child wearing wet REI rainwall kids jacket at national park visitors center

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Stay Dry in Any Conditions

REI Rainwall Kids rain jacket in blue pink and green hanging on airplane coat hook
  • What: Rainwall Kids’ Rain Jacket
  • When: 2 to 16 years
  • Why: Durable, lightweight, packable
  • Where: REI 

Now that spring has sprung, and warmer temperatures tempt kids outside, you might want a rain jacket without all the cold weather insulation. Look no further than REI’s Rainwall rain jacket selection.

These jackets hold up to both wet conditions and wear and tear remarkably well.

The REI Rainwall offers high end protection from wind and rain. The waterproof nylon shell also keeps the wind off kids. With two zippered pockets, an adjustable hood, and Velcro on the cuffs, this jacket can stand up not only to the elements, but also to all the wear and tear from kids. It will easily last through multiple siblings.

Zippered side hand pocket on REI Kids Rainwall jacket
Zippered pockets hold treasures and keep hands dry.

While we adore our Hatley raincoats, the extra fleece lining makes it bulkier to pack or carry in backpacks when not needed. The Rainwall jackets from REI pack down much smaller, yet provide great protection from the elements, whether you’re venturing on an all day hike, spectating at sporting events, or just trying to stay dry between the house and the car.

REI green kids rainwall jacket
Adjustable cuffs and a covered zipper help keep water out.

These jackets come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can buy the kids’ jacket in a range from XXS (4-5 years) to XL (18). The toddler version offers even more choices, with sizes from 2T to 4T. While the available colors change from season to season, the quality design does not. These jackets also layer well over fleece like our beloved Hatley fleece jackets, so your kids stay warm and dry all year long but have fewer belongings to keep track of. If you’re traveling, these jackets make a great choice because they offer such great protection, fit well over warmer layers, pack down small, and weigh next to nothing.

REI Rainwall jacket in blue with green one folded up
These jackets fold up super compactly and weigh very little, making them great for packing.

If you’re headed outside and want the kids to stay dry, look no further than REI’s Rainwall jackets.

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