Best of April 2021 

Four First Games by Ravensburger and Clue Junior board game for kids next to red crab shaped sand box

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Get a Clue or a Giant CrabFour First Games by Ravensburger and Clue Junior

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April showers may bring May flowers in some parts of the world, but here at Practically Apparent, readers had games and outdoor entertainment on the brain during the month of April. With the seasons changing and the start of summer around the corner, these posts topped readers’ list last month.

Clue Junior mystery deduction logic board game for kids

Clue Junior: This classic take on the whodunnit mystery game continues to speak to readers. Players of all ages can enjoy trying to solve who ate the cake, with what drink, and at what time. Thanks to picture clue sheets and brightly colored characters any participant can move during the game, kids of many ages can eliminate options to make an educated guess and win the game.

Crab and Turtle Sandboxes: Want to bring a little of the beach to your home? These sand boxes come in fun animal shapes and include a sturdy lid to keep any unwanted guests out. They also double as wading pools when filled with water instead of sand, and can fit multiple kids at one time. 

Ravensburger Four First Games box

Four Games in One Box: Get a range of games for the youngest kids thanks to Ravensburger’s set of four games. Collect all six types of flowers, gather the most dog treats, reach the castle first, or get to the nest in these games aimed at learning how to take turns and match colors. The box includes two double sided boards and everything else you need to play all four games, which increase in difficulty as they grow.

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