Star Wars Ultimate Library

Star Wars Ultimate Library picture books for kids

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May the Force of Reading Be With You

Star Wars Easy Readers Ultimate Library picture books for kids
  • What: Star Wars Ultimate Library
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Multi level, lots of options
  • Where: Amazon

Got a budding Star Wars fanatic living in your home? Want to introduce your child to the sci-fi saga without sitting through hours of screen time? Get this Star Wars Ultimate Library Set and get them started on their journey through the galaxy.

Star Wars Ultimate Library Box Set on Amazon

This set comes with twenty titles, including six level one books, eight level two books, and six level three books. Titles include Are Ewoks Scared of Stormtroopers?, What Is a Wookie?, Death Star Battles, and other titles sure to please any enthusiast. The lowest level picture books include a few sentences per page. By the second level, kids get entire paragraphs to read, with more complex vocabulary and bigger words. The third level offers longer stories with smaller fonts and multiple paragraphs chock full of advanced words on each page.

Are Ewoks Scared of Stormtroopers? Level one Star Wars Ultimate Library book page spread
The level one books have less text per page, with larger fonts.

We got our Star Wars Ultimate Library at the beginning of the pandemic, when libraries closed and my son needed more reading material. It came with 15 titles and a poster. I doled them out one at a time whenever we needed new material, or to keep him occupied during long hours stuck at home. These books, though marketed at new readers, actually work best for kids with more advanced literary skills. They have longer sentences and bigger words than I would recommend for beginning readers. They worked great for my nine year old, who sometimes wanted easier books with fewer words, yet still offered practice thanks to the higher level books included. These books also work great to read out loud to younger kids.

The Legendary Yoda Star Wars easy reader picture book for kids page spread
The level three books come with smaller fonts and a higher word count per page.

Whether you want to gift the entire set or have lots of titles on hand to dole out, this Star Wars Ultimate Library gives every fan plenty of options. 

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