Graphic Novels for Young Readers

Graphic novels for young readers Bad Guys Unicorn Diaries Bad Kitty Owl Diaries in a fanned stack

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Easy Books for New Readers

Graphic novels for young readers Bad Guys Unicorn Diaries Bad Kitty Owl Diaries in a fanned stack
  • What: Graphic novels for young readers 
  • When: 5 to 10 years
  • Why: Easy to read, illustrated, multiple books in series,
  • Where: Amazon

Got a burgeoning reader in your household? Want to keep them interested in reading? Check out these illustrated chapter books made just for kids. With loads of entertaining illustrations and shorter chapters and less text than traditional kids’ chapter books, these selections make a great transition from picture books to longer series.

Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray by

Bad Kitty: Bad Kitty can’t seem to stay out of trouble wherever he goes. From spats with other household pets to frequent visitors, kids love the tales featuring this hapless black cat. With nine titles to choose from, the cartoon illustrations and chapters keep kids coming back for more. 

Bo the Brave Unicorn Diaries book cover by Rebecca Elliott

Unicorn Diaries: With seven chapters and around 75 pages per book, young readers get to know Rainbow Tinseltail and her world of unicorns. Thanks to the brightly colored illustrations written in the style of diary, kids can choose from any one of the five titles to learn more about this magical realm.

The Bad Guys Books by Aaraon Blabey Intergalactic Gas and Attack of the Zittens

Bad Guys: What happens when it turns out that predators aren’t all bad? Find out thanks to a snake, a piranha, a shark, and a wolf in these tales of good deeds and heroic actions. Each page comes chock full of black and white illustrations, and the action will keep kids turning the pages in these fast reads.

Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliott Trip to the Pumpkin Farm book number eleven 11

Owl Diaries: Follow along on the adventures of Eva Wingdale as she relates the happening in Treetopolis. From Halloween fun to camping, these books include lots of colored cartoon illustrations with large text and frequent chapters. Aimed at young readers, kids can choose from sixteen different titles for a series that will keep them reading book after book.

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