Packing Essentials

Eagle Creek pack it cubes with first aid supplies and toiletries bathroom essentials

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Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Packing essentials Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes first aid supplies toiletries bathroom

  • What: Packing essentials 
  • When: Traveling
  • Why: Don’t forget the basics
  • Where: Your next trip

Considering a trip with kids this summer? Whether you hit the road in your family vehicle or take to the skies, every trip requires a few essentials. Regardless of the destination, from camping in the woods to lazy days on the beach, these packing tips will help you get the most out of your next vacation.

Clothes by outfit laid out on bed for packing

Clothing: Struggling with what to pack without overdoing it? With kids all bets are off (we still bring one of everything for most trips up to seven days), but adults can keep their clothing clean longer. Use the 4-2-1 packing rule to make sure you have everything you need without lugging extra clothes. For almost any trip, choose four tops, two bottoms, and one dress. I often substitute a skirt for the dress, but this formula has taken me from weeks abroad to camping trips with nary a hitch. Toss in the basics like undies, socks, and pajamas, and you’re set to roam.

Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes inside child's hard sided suitcase

Pack It Cubes: Once you’ve determined what clothes make the cut, pack them more efficiently with packing cubes. These magical soft-sided zippered containers will keep everything organized no matter how hectic traveling gets. Assign one to each member of the family and let kids pack and unpack themselves. Choose from one or two-sided bags in a variety of sizes and watch how much space you can save in your luggage.

Bag with travel bathroom supplies pouring out hairspray toothbrush packing list

Toiletries: After you finish with the clothes, don’t forget to pack all your bathroom necessities. From deodorant to sunscreen, toothbrushes to combs, make sure you have everything you and your kids want and need. We prefer travel sizes that live in a bag year round, so we can grab and go without having to remember every item for each trip. 

Over the counter medicines cream Neosporin hydrocortisone thermometer syringe adhesive bandages

Medicine Bag: Hopefully you will all be in the peak of health on your trip. But if you encounter a few bumps, you can be prepared with a bag of basic first aid supplies. From bug bites to sunburn, headaches to scrapes, you can handle all the little surprises with some simple medical supplies. Toss them all in a bag before you leave home and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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