Kids’ Tool Set

Child wearing Rexbeti kids tool belt 15 piece set orange

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Rexbeti 15 piece kids tool set in orange adjustable tool belt
  • What: Kids’ Tool Set
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Have a budding carpenter on your hands? Maybe your child has grown frustrated with the plastic toys that can’t actually make a dent in their desire to build. If you want a set of working tools made for smaller hands, look no further than the Rexbeti Young Builder’s Tool Set.

Rexbeti Young Builder’s Tool Set on Amazon

This sturdy set includes real working tools sized down for easier handling. It comes with a hammer, two screwdrivers, a level, and a pair of pliers. Use the tape measure and ruler to help build to scale. It even includes a pair of safety goggles for any job. Keep it all in easy reach with the adjustable tool belt, which fits waists from 20 to 32 inches. Ten pockets mean there’s a place for every tool. The set  also includes two pencils and a sharpener, great for planning or marking wood.

Six year old wearing Rexbeti 15 piece kids tool belt
My six year old modeling his beloved tool belt.

We got this set as a gift for the holidays and my son loves working with his own tools. He wears his tool belt around the house regularly, even when he’s not working on any specific projects. You can also get a 25 piece set or an 87 piece set from the same brand, which include more accessories like clamps, rubber bands, and gloves.

No matter which set you choose, you can’t go wrong with these sturdy tools to help your budding builder.

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