Family Games

Family games fun for all ages Pictionary Kingdomino Set Junior Champion Sports anywhere table tennis ping pong set

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Fun for All Ages

Family games fun for all ages Pictionary Kingdomino Set Junior

  • What: Family Games
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Fun for the whole clan
  • Where: At home

Looking for the next big hit for your Family Game Night? Check out these games the entire family can enjoy playing time and time again.

Pictionary game with board, die, cards, a

Pictionary: This drawing game was a surprise hit in our household. Players take turns drawing the item on the card. Roll the dice and move along the colored track to determine which category to use. Kids can team up with adults or play on their own as they compete to reach the end of the board.

Kingdomino game for kids and adults

Kingdomino: Earn the most crowns to win the game. Connect the same types of territory to create a kingdom that dominates the competition. Domino-type cards get ranked by number, and the order of choosing depends on the number you take in the previous turn. Use the best strategy to get the dominos you need to rule the game as you create a five by five square with the most crowns.

Table Tennis: Take this portable set and make a ping pong game out of almost any surface. The net unspools between two posts that can clip on to almost any table top to get set up. Then let the fun begin as players try to keep the lightweight ball bouncing from side to side. Get points when the other team misses the ball, or just have fun seeing how long you can keep the ball going.

Set Junior board with squares to match tiles and tokens

Set Junior: Use your perceptive skills in this matching game with a twist. With two ways to play, it works great for younger family members, and kids can graduate to the faster-paced version on the opposite side of the board once they feel ready. Match any three cards with similar attributes to create a set and earn a token. Collect the most tokens to win.

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