The Best Items From Our Play Doh Collection

Child's arm with Play Doh containers and toys spread over table surface

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Dough’t Let the Good Times End

Child's arm with Play Doh containers and toys spread over table surface
  • What: Play Doh Collections 
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, durable, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon

Has your child discovered the sensory joys of Play-Doh? Do you want to go beyond the yellow container for even more fun with this brightly colored dough? If you need ideas to make your child’s wildest Play-Doh fantasies come true, look no further than these tools and tricks to keep them coming back for more fun time and time again.

Little Siena pasta maker play dough ice cream toy close up

Play Dough Noodle Maker: This pasta machine will thrill any budding baker. With three noodle molds that attach to the end of the plastic noodle machine, kids can crank out noodles as long as they keep adding dough to the mixer. The set also comes with lots of accessories, from a bowl and utensils to molds for more fun. 

Play Doh Fun Factory green dough snake being made by child at table

Play-Doh Fun Factory: Want even more shapes to squish into long strands? Check out the affordable Fun Factory. Simply load dough into the press, slide a rail to the desired shape, and start pushing on the large lever. Much like the noodle maker, dough comes out in long strands with many more shapes kids can choose. 

Melissa & Doug Shape Model and Mold Clay activity set with three rollers and four containers of play clay

Melissa & Doug Play Dough Toys: if you prefer wooden toys, look no further than this classic set of tools. With three different rollers to create multiple textures, and a variety of stamps and molds, the set comes in a wooden tray that keeps everything handy and easily accessible. Kids can enjoy rolling and cutting the included dough, or use their own.

Play-Doh Toys: If you want to add some extra interest to a can of dough, get a bucket full of toys to expand the joy. From numbers to letters to molds in different themes, these affordable toys make lots of different shapes and sizes for endless dough combinations. 

Play dough in container wrapped in moist paper towel

Reconstituting Play-Doh: For any owner of Play-Doh or other kids’ modeling compounds, this trick to keep it soft without sticky works wonders. When your child inevitably leaves their dough out to dry, simply wrap it in a wet paper towel and put it in an airtight container. The dough will be ready to go in no time.

Best of all, all these toys mix and match to suit a wide variety of interests and ages. Pick the one that your child will love most, or go bananas and get multiple ones for hours of fun creating.

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