Happy Memorial Day 2021!

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Here’s to Long Summer Days and Light-filled NightsMemorial Day camping kids roasting marshmallows around campfire while sitting in camp chairs

  • What: Happy Long Weekend
  • When: Memorial Day 2021
  • Why: Get ready for fun
  • Where: At home and on the road

I don’t know about you, but around here Memorial Day marks the official beginning of fun of the outdoor variety. We look forward to enjoying the great outdoors and traveling once again this summer. Wherever this day finds you, here’s to a lovely long weekend and an even better summer!

Lightspeed pop up tent set up on rocky beach

Camping With Kids: If summer means camping to you, or if you want to travel with kids and fewer costs, check out these camping necessities guaranteed to make your next trip a success.

Packing Essentials: No matter where you roam, don’t leave home without a few essential items. Check this list to make sure you have everything you need before you lock the door and hit the road.

Summer Fun Basics: Even if you don’t venture any further than the neighborhood park, having these simple items on hand for impromptu fun means you never have to worry about the kids running out of things to do. 

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