The Week Junior

All the News Worth KnowingThe Week Junior magazine for kids multiple issues from 2021 fanned out on floor

  • What: The Week Junior
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, affordable
  • Where: Amazon or your local store

Looking for a magazine subscription just for kids? Have your kids gotten tired of their monthly Highlights magazine? Maybe they want a more regular subscription, or they prefer current events to make-believe stories. If you want news curated just for kids, sign up for The Week Junior.

The Week Junior subscription on Amazon

Each issue has 32 pages chock full of news and stories of interest to kids. From current events coverage to puzzles and recipes, the big photos and writing aimed at the younger audience will enthrall readers of all ages. Topics include news, science, nature, sports, arts, and much more, with fun facts, activities, and even reader submissions. 

Photos of the Week from May issue of The Week Junior magazine for kids
Lots of bold photos capture kids’ attention.

You can buy issues individually to try it out and see if your kids love it. But by far the best value is a regular subscription. Magazines will arrive magically in your mailbox once a week for the length of the subscription, and it saves you money off the cover price to boot. The longer you subscribe, the more you can save. You can get six issues for free to try it out.

Article on should video games be considered sports from May issue of The Week Junior magazine for kids
Each issue contains an article where kids get to decide what they think about an issue.

If you want to enlighten your child and help them develop a love of reading as well as giving them the information to make up their own minds on any given topic, you can’t go wrong with The Week Junior.

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