Pillowfort Bedding

Pillowfort Fetching Florals sheet set comforter and shams with hamster backrest pillow and V pillow

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Comfort That Lasts

Pillowfort Fetching Florals comforter and shames from Target kids bedding decor collection
  • What: Pillowfort bedding for kids 
  • When: Birth to teens
  • Why: Affordable, durable, adorable
  • Where: Amazon or Target

Want adorable kids’ bedding that will last for years without breaking the bank? Look no further than Pillowfort bedding, a kids’ line with designs that appeal to kids and parents alike.

Pillowfort Great White Get-Together Sheet Set on Amazon

Pillowfort makes a wide range of kids decor items, and we’ve been using their bedding for years. It comes in a selection of themes kids love, made from quality materials in a range of sizes. You can get their sheet sets in both twin and full, as well as their comforters and quilts. Buy the coordinating shams, or mix and match from different sets for a more eclectic vibe. No matter which design you choose, you can buy knowing the colors and fabric will hold up to everyday use. They work great year round, with enough warmth for cooler months, but not too hot for warmer summer nights. And you can easily add a blanket from the same company if you want even more options. 

PIllowfort transporation themed orange and blue trucks sheet twin single sheet sheet Target
We’ve gotten many miles out of my son’s sheets as well.

My daughter got her Pillowfort bedding three years ago, and it still looks great. She loves her Fetching Florals collection so much we got the matching curtain and storage bins as well. She sleeps under this quilt and on the shams every night, and yet they still look brand new. My son also uses Pillowfort sheets. He loves the bright colors and kid-friendly themes, while I love the affordable prices and easy care instructions, as well as the fact that their designs will last for years to come as my kids get older.

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