LEGO Cube Animal Series

LEGO Friends animal play cube series blue bunny and pink flamingo

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Lego Cube Animal Series

  • What: LEGO Cube Animal Series
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, collectible
  • Where: Amazon

If your kid loves LEGO Play Cubes, they have a new series out. Now you can get one of five animal-themed LEGO Friends Play Cubes.

LEGO Friends Andrea’s Bunny Cube on Amazon

Choose from five different animals, including a pug, a cat, a flamingo, a rabbit, and a Dalmatian. Each tiny box comes with one of the five main LEGO friend characters, as well as stickers, instructions, and a tiny LEGO animal. The animal color is a surprise, and all five animals come in pink, turquoise, purple, and orange. Assemble the 40 pieces to create a scene for each cube, from a wildlife photography shoot to various animal habitats. All the pieces work with all other LEGO bricks.

LEGO Cube Animal Series Friends Play Cube b
There are five different cubes to collect, each with a different friend and animal.

Each cube can be self-contained, or connect to other cubes from this series and prior releases for even more fun. The cubes click close with all the pieces in place, making them great for fun on the go. The low price point makes these play cubes work great as rewards, small gifts, or travel toys. In this series, each cube becomes the face of the featured animal to inspire even more creative building fun.

LEGO Friends Flamingo play cube
Each themed cube comes with 40 pieces to assemble and stickers for decorating.

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