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Diono Radian 3RXT convertible car seat in blue with Ravensburger Four First Games and Clue Junior board games

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Games, Gear, and MoreDiono Radian 3RXT convertible car seat in blue with Ravensburger Four First Games and Clue Junior

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Games featured high on readers’ list for the month of May, with two of the most popular selections making it into the top posts. Readers also explored car seat options and, with summer just around the corner, a sandbox that doubles as a wading pool for more fun in the sun options.

Four First Games box lid from Ravensburger with four flowers, a bird, a tree, a colored die, and one playing piece shown on the cover of the box

Four Games in One Box: Ravensburger’s popular set of four games for the very youngest players makes learning to take turns and follow rules easy. While you can’t buy the game new any longer, you can still get this set secondhand. With two reversible boards, and all the pieces in one box, kids can play four games of various levels. They can enjoy these options for years to come. None of the games require any literacy skills and all of them help reinforce concepts such as counting and colors.

Diono Radian 3RXT 3-in-1 convertible car seat in blue

Diono Radian 3RXT Car Seat: If you want to buy one car seat for the duration of childhood, look no further than Diono’s Radian 3RXT. This seat can be used rear-facing with newborns, as well as forward facing in both a five-point harness mode and belt-positioning booster mode. Its narrow seat means it works even for most three across situations, and it even folds flat for easier storage and transportation. 

Clue Junior mystery deduction logic board game for kids

Clue Junior: Kids get to solve the mystery in this spin on the classic board game. Players must collect clues to figure out who ate the cake, with what drink, at what time. Pictorial clue sheets make eliminating options easy with no literacy skills needed, while any player can move any pawn, reducing arguments over who gets what color piece. 

Step2 crab sandbox wading pool toy for

Crab and Turtle Sandboxes: If you want a sandbox that can do more, look no further than Step2’s Crab Sandbox. If you prefer a different animal, Little Tikes makes their own turtle version. Both work perfectly for young kids and can be filled with either water or sand (or both!) for hours of sensory outdoor fun. Each one comes with a lid, to keep unwanted visitors out when play time ends. Fill with water or sand and let the good times roll.

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