Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak

child paddling down creek in Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak in blue

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Get Kids on Board

Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak in blue with child paddling on sandy creek bed
  • What: Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak
  • When: 5 years to 130 pounds
  • Why: Fun, durable, easy to handle
  • Where: Amazon or your local store

Looking to build confidence and get your child out on the water? Consider the Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak built especially for young paddlers.

Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak on Amazon

Measuring six feet in length, this youth kayak comes complete with a two-sided paddle. The paddle can be taken apart for easier storage and transport, while the hard plastic sit-on-top type kayak features both a handle in the front and finger grips along both sides. Kids as young as five and up to 130 pounds can use this kayak to get a feel for being out on the water under their own power. 

This lightweight kayak can go in shallow water as well as deeper currents.

It comes in blue, pink, green, yellow, and orange, all in bright fade-resistant colors. It features a sloping back deck, to make getting back onboard from the water much easier. It also has multiple footrest positions to accommodate riders of different heights. When not in use, the paddle rests easily in the molded cradle. The paddle will also float if dropped, making it easier to retrieve. 

At 18 pounds, this kayak can be carried by two kids with ease, and one child can easily pull it along. An adult will have no trouble carrying the boat with one hand. Its shorter length and lighter weight make it easy to transport by foot or via car. We simply shove it in the back of our SUV. It has holes to drain any water that splashes into the cockpit, and a plug at the front to make draining water easier when necessary. 

Child paddling around in blue Lifetime Wave youth kids kayak
Kids have no trouble maneuvering this lightweight boat.

Get years of use out of this versatile and easy to use watercraft. If you’ve got a child anxious to get out and explore waterways, or even paddle around a shallow area, you can’t go wrong with the Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak. 

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