Star Wars Complete Vehicles 

Star Wars Complete Vehicles new edition visual encyclopedia star fighters

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Flights of Sci-Fi Fantasy

Star Wars Complete Vehicles new edition visual encyclopedia star fighters
  • What: Star Wars Complete Vehicles
  • When: 10 years and up
  • Why: Detailed, spans multiple movies
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child love Star Wars? Maybe they can’t get enough of the various star fighters and other fantasy vehicles in the popular sci-fi series. Then don’t hesitate to get the latest version of Star Wars Complete Vehicles.

Star Wars Complete Vehicles New Edition on Amazon

With more than 100 different vehicles featured in all their glory, kids can enjoy learning the intricate details of all their favorite star fighters. From the Millenium Falcon to the Star Destroyer, there’s something for every Star Wars fan, whether they prefer the light or the dark side. Get the scoop on vehicles from multiple Star Wars films with this encyclopedia that spans the galaxy. Cross-sections on vehicles provide technical details as well as the weapons and crew required to run everything from pilots to pistols.

Millenium Falcon pages from Star Wars Complete Vehicles
Each page goes into great details about a different ships.

This version does not include any fold-out pages, which works great for younger kids obsessed with the series. It means fewer pages get bent or torn. It still has all the minute details and specifications, with tons of text and additional images from the movies. If your child wants more info than you can provide, or can spend hours pouring over data about ships, get this book for them before they can ask another question.

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