Calico Critters Fashion Showcase

Calico Critter Town Fashion Showcase shelf stocked with handbags, purses, headbands, and parasol

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A Little Extra Something

Calico Critter Otter adult wearing purple hat next to Town Fashion Showcase shelf with

  • What: Calico Critter Fashion Showcase
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Fun accessories, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Do your child’s Calico Critters need a wardrobe refresh? Want a great gift that won’t break the bank for the critter collector in your life? Check out the Calico Critters Town Fashion Showcase Set.

Calico Critters Town Fashion Showcase Set

This affordable set includes four handbags, two headbands, a hat, and a parasol. Special hooks display the wares for Critters to browse. The headbands can double as necklaces, while the hat had a hole to fit over the ears of different types of creatures. My daughter even put the hat on a baby otter and it looked adorable.

The hat will fit babies, kid, and adult Calico Critters.

The bags and parasol don’t open but do fit easily over little paws to carry around town or anywhere their adventures take them. The set does not come with any Calico Critters, so if your child is starting their collection, you’ll want to include some animals as well. This set makes a great gift to start a collection or expand a growing village.

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