Summer Fun Splurges 

Child jumping in salt water on beach on sunny day

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Make It the Best Summer Yet

Child jumping in salt water on beach on sunny day
  • What: Summer Fun Splurges
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Have more fun in the sun
  • Where: At home or out and about

Want to go a bit crazy this summer? Or maybe you want to take full advantage of the warm summer months with your kids. If you’re looking to spend a bit more for items with a big bang, especially during the hottest season of the year, look no further than these items.

H20Go Bahama Wave Island Float on river with five kids riding inside

Island Float: This magnificent float holds up to six adults, though we have no trouble getting two families on board. We’ve spent days lazing around on the lake, gone on multiple trips down the river, and stored the giant oversized inflatable in its own box during the offseason. It lasts multiple years and we all still love it. Plus, you can inflate it with the included pump, which also makes deflating it a breeze.

Six year old padding on lake shore in Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak

Youth Kayak: Want to get your kids out on the water under their own power? Consider this sit-on-top style kayak. With a weight capacity up to 130 pounds and a paddle included, it works great for kids from five years and up. It will last for many years thanks to the hard plastic and durable fade-resistant colors, but stores and transports much easier than the adult versions. The extra stability and easy handling make it especially good for beginners.

Mac Sports Fold Up Portable Hammock with Shade in blue and gray set up at park festival sunshine

Portable Hammock: If you want some shade for your next outing, don’t forget to pack a portable hammock. This hammock on wheels comes complete with an optional sun-reflecting shade on top, taking lounging one step further. Pack it all down into the carry case and tow it with your favorite cooler to the park, beach, or any other summer hangout.

Lightspeed sport shetler pop up shade tent in blue set up in park

Shade Tent: If you prefer the tent type shade, you can’t go wrong with this setup. The tent pops up in seconds, and has plenty of room inside to set up camp chairs or host the family. Window coverings on each of the three sides allow you to maximize airflow and shade for almost any setting. It collapses just as easily as it sets up, making it a breeze for any summer situation.

Rubbermaid outdoor patio storage bench shown in yard with lid closed

Outdoor Storage Bench: If you’ve gotten tired of looking at a yard strewn with toys, get an easy storage spot in this bench. Kids will have no trouble cleaning up their toys, and you get a place to sit while they play. The roomy interior holds all sorts of outdoor items, from balls and frisbees to bats, water guns, and much more.

Step2 Crab sandbox partially opened with toys inside

Crab Sandbox: Give your kids a taste of the beach right at home thanks to this sandbox. It can double as a wading pool for young kids, and comes complete with a lid to keep unwanted visitors out of the sand or water. 

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