Suncatcher Window Art

Make Your Own Suncatchers Window Art flowers in flower pot hanging on door window to patio

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Make Your Own Suncatchers Window Art flowers in flower pot hanging on door window to patio

  • What: Suncatcher Window Art
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Decorative, easy to make, minimal mess
  • Where: Amazon

Want to take your kids’ window decorations one step further? If your window markers have dried up or lost their appeal, try upping your kids’ decorating game thanks to this Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art Kit.

Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art kit on Amazon

Make your own custom suncatchers with everything you need right in the box. The kit includes twelve clear suncatcher shapes, like a rainbow, sunshine, butterfly, turtle, and more. Fill in the black lines on each design with one of the four paint colors or four paint pens, including a pink glitter option. Once the paint dries, use the clear cord to attach the suncatcher to the included suction cup hooks. The suction cup will adhere to any glass surface without using adhesive, meaning kids (or you!) can move them around at will without any sticky residue left behind.

Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art suncatcher kit for kids including paint, string, suction cup hooks, and plastic designs
This kit includes everything you need to make unique suncatchers.

My nine-year-old daughter received this kit for her birthday and she started working on her creations immediately. These small suncatchers, measuring a few inches across, make great gifts for friends, family, and more. My daughter painted one as a present for her teacher. Kids can also create their own designs thanks to the clear acetate sheet included. Trace designs from the booklet or decorate with their own unique ideas for the perfect afternoon activity, or next time you need a homemade gift.

Nine year old child squeezing window paint pen from Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art suncatcher project kit
My daughter had no trouble doing this project on her own.

The paints squeeze easily with little hands. And while they may need some assistance opening the clear plastic bags that contain all the parts at the start, most kids can do this project on their own with minimal adult assistance. We used a mat underneath to protect the work surface, but it probably wasn’t necessary as the project created minimal mess. It also works great to do a few suncatchers in one sitting, and then return to make more another time. 

If you want your windows to look a little more polished while still letting your kids be part of the decor, you can’t go wrong with this window art kit.

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