Unicorn Lamp

Unicorn 3D Night Light Lamp for kids

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A Light of Mythical ProportionsUnicorn Night Lamp Light for kids 3D changes colors shown in red fading to orange and yellow

  • What: Unicorn Lamp
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Adjustable, multiple colors, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Got a unicorn aficionado in your life? Want to light up their night? Whether you use it as a night light or just to add to the whimsical decor, you can’t go wrong with this Unicorn Night Lamp.

Unicorn Night Lamp for Kids on Amazon

This affordable unicorn lamp means you won’t have to worry if it gets bumped or broken. The flat clear unicorn slides easily into the slotted base, and the entire unit plugs in thanks to the included USB cord. While the cord will easily go from a night stand to a nearby outlet, you might need an extension for longer distances. 

Unicorn Night Light Lamp remote with buttons to control 16 different colors and four different modes as well as
The remote controls all 16 different colors as well as the brightness and mode.

The lamp comes with a remote, which controls both the 16 different color options as well as the brightness and four different modes that switch between set colors. The lamp does not get hot, so although my daughter sleeps with her head only a few inches away, I don’t worry about her coming into contact with it. The base lights up in the same color as the unicorn, giving off a lot of light on the brightest setting. It also includes a switch on the base itself, so even if your child loses track of the remote, you can still use the light.

If you want a useful gift for the unicorn fan in your life, grab one of these unicorn lamps before they disappear into the realms of fantasy.

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