Kid Socks

TeeHee Naartjie Kids Basic Cotton Crew Socks in camouflage patterens

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More Socks, Less SadnessTeeHee Naartjie Kids Basic Cotton Crew Socks in camouflage patterens

  • What: Kid Socks
  • When: 18 months to 7 years
  • Why: Durable, affordable, multiple patterns
  • Where: Amazon

I don’t know about you, but my kids go through socks like candy. While we get tons of hand me down clothes, we rarely get socks, probably because other parents have encountered the same phenomena. If you want to up the number of socks in rotation without breaking the bank, and get more than one wear out of each pair, look no further than TeeHee Kids Basic Crew Socks.

TeeHee Kids Basic Crew Socks on Amazon

These crew socks are the only ones I’ve ever passed down from the oldest child to my youngest. While they may eventually wear out, depending on frequency of wear and how hard your kids are on clothes, they last much longer than any other socks we’ve tried. And at around $10 for six pairs, you can’t beat the price point for apparel that may disappear before the month does.

Child's feet wearing TeeHee Naartjie camouflage pattern socks in blue and orange
These socks have made it through more than one kid.

I like to get the camouflage prints, which work well together even if they come from different pairs. That means when one sock goes missing, my kid can still wear the other one with a different sock from the pack. Unfortunately, these kid socks only go up to size extra-large. My kids wore the large size at 4-5 years (shoe size toddler 11 or so), so even one size up doesn’t fit much beyond 7 years (when kids switch into big kid shoes). But if you want affordable, durable socks for your younger child, these socks fit the bill – and their feet.

Child wearing TeeHee Naartjie kids socks
These socks come in a variety of patterns and won’t break the bank.

Making sure your kids keep up with their socks presents a different problem. But at least you know where to get more when these go missing.

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