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Magnetic Mini Tile Art DIY Craft Kit for kids

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Magnetic Mini Tile Art DIY Craft Kit for kids

  • What: Magnetic Mini Tile Art Kit
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, creative
  • Where: Amazon

Whether you want to keep your kids entertained and out of your hair after school finishes, or your child needs an outlet for their creative juices, check out this Magnetic Mini Tile Art Kit.

Magnetic Mini Tile Art Kit for Kids on Amazon

This kit includes ten tiny tiles kids can decorate any way they like. It also includes a strip of sticky magnets to apply once they finish their designs, and an instruction booklet. The kit comes with six colors of paint and a paint brush to apply it all. 

Magnetic Mini Tile Art DIY Kit for Kids instructions paint
The kit includes six colors of paint with ten tiny tiles.

Your child may want additional colors, as the set doesn’t include all three primary colors, making mixing a bit trickier. But these tiles work well with paint leftover from other projects, from watercolors to glow in the dark like Nebulous Stars. The tiles measure two inches square, making them perfect even for fridges already crowded with other art projects. And the ten tiles can easily be split between multiple kids (or adults!) or completed separately as time allows. The paint soaks into the ceramic quickly, making drying time faster than other painting projects. 

Child painting on Ma
My daughter loved painting these tiny tiles.

My daughter received this set for her birthday, and she loved both using the pictures on the box as design ideas as well as coming up with her inspiration. She even painted one of these as an end-of-the-year gift for her teacher. Although these tiles can break, their small size makes them great for including in packages or sending via mail to friends and family far away. Or you can keep the final results closer at home on your own fridge or any other magnetic surface.

Whether you choose to keep them or share, these tiny tiles will provide lots of creative outlets for your kids.

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