Calico Critters Chocolate Lounge

Calico Critters Chocolate Lounge display case with chocolate castle and macaroons

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Calico Critters Chocolate Lounge 4

  • What: Calico Critters Chocolate Lounge
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, versatile, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

My daughter still loves her Calico Critters and all their accessories. So you can imagine her delight when she received this Calico Critter Town Chocolate Lounge for her recent birthday.

Calico Critter Town Chocolate Lounge on Amazon

She loves this set, which includes a red sofa and table as well as a big display case for all the tiny chocolates and macaroons. It even has a masterpiece chocolate castle to display in the clear case. The set includes four plates and one cup and saucer to complete the lounge experience. The tray in the display case can be removed, making it easy to sort and access the tiny sweets. My daughter uses the sofa and table to furnish rooms in her house, and the display case doubles as kitchen storage and cabinetry, making this one of the more versatile sets she owns.

Calico Critters Chocolate Lounge accessory set with red sofa
The chocolate lounge comes complete with a place to sit and lots of goodies to eat.

While like most Calico Critters items, this set wouldn’t be good for kids under three thanks to the oodles of tiny pieces, older kids really enjoy the attention to detail, and this set is no exception. The range of chocolate pieces and intricate accessories mean you get a lot of fun for the price point. Like many accessory sets, this one does not include any animals. If you plan to give it to a child and aren’t sure if they own any Calico Critters, you can pair it with a set of Critters to make a complete package.

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