Alphabet Pillow

Letter-Filled Comfortiscream Lettermania V shaped pillow with gumdrop image on front with bright blue backing

  • What: iscream Lettermania Pillow
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Fun, educational, cozy
  • Where: Amazon

Want to add some flavor to your child’s decor? Perhaps you’ve grown tired of your offspring mauling your throw pillows, leaving them bunched up or flattened. Enter the iscream Lettermania Pillows, a line of letter-shaped pillows covered in bright photos of candy.

iscream Lettermania P Initial Gummy Worm Pillow on Amazon

From the nursery to a teen’s room, these alphabet pillows go the distance. You can get any of the 26 letters of the alphabet printed in fun colors. Each one comes stuffed with microbeads covered in a silky spandex fabric on the front and a fluffy fleece fabric on the reverse solid side. My daughter has had her pillow for several years, and it still looks as good as new. The pillows hold their shape well, thanks to the microbead stuffing. Yet they stay squishy and have a fun texture that kids love.

iscream Lettermania V shaped pillow on child's bed with Build a Bear orange bear in pumpkin pajamas laying on it
My daughter’s letter pillow has gotten lots of love but still looks great years later.

If you want to jazz up their bedroom, playroom, or any other room in the house, consider a letter or get enough to spell an entire word with these brightly colored pillows.

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