Sweep and Keep Truck

Clean Without the FussSweep and Keep Truck 1

  • What: Sweep and Keep Truck
  • When: 3 to 7 years
  • Why: Useful, affordable, fun
  • Where: Amazon

Tired of hounding your kids about cleaning up their toys? Have you sworn off LEGO due to foot injuries? Maybe you’re looking for a way to make cleaning more fun for your kids. Enter the Matchbox Sweep and Keep Truck

Matchbox Sweep and Keep Truck on Amazon

Inside this working street sweeper type truck hides a big surprise. The rolling plastic bristles scoop up items it runs over and deposits them into the back of the truck. This vehicle can handle most small toys, up to the size of a Hot Wheels car. It can pick up Calico Critter accessories, LEGO (though flat bricks don’t usually get swept up), tiny toy hamsters, Driven Pocket Series cars (but not always road pieces), or just about any other small toy littering your floor waiting to surprise you.

Matchbox Sweep and Keep truck front bristles with LEGO scattered on wooden floor
This street sweeper style truck can pick up all these bricks.

What’s more, kids love to drive it around and collect all the bits. Once you have everything inside the truck, you still have to sort through it and put it back where it belongs. But it beats the pants off picking up individual pieces, or coercing your children into cleaning up their mess. 

Matchbox Sweep and Keep Truck
The plastic bristles push small toys into the back of the truck.

Make your life simpler and get your kids one of these magical floor sweeping vehicles today.

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