Laser Chess

Khet mirrored laser chess game set up

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Mirrors on the BoardKhet Laser Chess game set up with mirrored pieces

  • What: Laser Chess
  • When: 7 years and up
  • Why: Fun, challenging, wide age appeal
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have a child obsessed with chess? Want to bring a new dimension to their game? Or perhaps you want to introduce your kid to chess with a little more pizazz than the usual wooden board and pieces. If so, get your hands on Laser Chess.

Laser Chess on Amazon

In this spin on the classic chess concept, players take turns moving their three types of pieces around the board. Each player has 13 pieces, including one king, and multiple deflector and defender pawns. The deflector pieces have a mirrored surface to reflect the laser, while the defender pieces stop the laser beam. Players can move or rotate a piece on each turn, making this game an excellent strategy practice. At the end of their turn, players press a button on the corner to activate a red light, also known as the laser. The laser bounces off mirrored pieces. If it hits the opponent’s king piece, they win.

Child playing Khet Laser Chess on hardwood floor
Mirrored pieces reflect the laser light to try and reach the opponent’s king.

We own the Khet version of this game, but you can get the Laser Chess version from Think Fun games for less. My kids love to play this contest of shooting laser beams. Originally a gift for my game-loving partner before the kids appeared on the scene, now my kids enjoy playing as well. They love pushing the button to shoot the “laser” red light and reflect it off the mirror pieces. Even if they don’t want to play the full game, they have fun setting it up and experimenting with where the laser will go. 

Brighten up your game nights with the addition of Laser Chess to your collection.

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