Spinner Luggage for Kids

Get Rolling OnboardFive year old child puling Mackenzie hard-sided luggage spinner suitcase through airport security

  • What: Spinner Luggage for Kids
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Tough, weather resistant
  • Where: Pottery Barn Kids

Looking for a tough suitcase for your child? Pottery Barn’s MacKenize line of hard-sided luggage gets the job done.

Children pulling Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie spinner luggage suitcases super heroes and fire truck themed
Each of my kids has their own spinner luggage.

These suitcases come with four wheels, all of which rotate, allowing great movement. Kids have no trouble hauling them over bumps and curbs. Inside, two sides allow plenty of room for everything they need. A double zipper on the outside stands up to regular use and little hands. Inside, one side has a zippered flap while the other features stretchy straps to keep everything in place. The retractable handle makes it easy to pull along, even for little hands.

Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie luggage hard-sided spinner suitcase for kids
These hard-sided suitcases have one zippered side and one side with elastic straps.

My kids love their suitcases. Each one of them has their own design chosen to fit their personalities. They pack one side with clothes, and the other side with blankets, books, toys, and whatever else they think they might need. My daughter once packed her fan inside her suitcase. Thanks to the hard sides, we don’t worry about anything inside getting crushed or broken. These suitcases also stand up to weather extremely well, from rain to snow and more.

Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie luggage hard-sided spinner suitcase for kids strappe
You can strap one of these suitcases to other bags, but the rounded hard sides make it tricky.

I personally prefer soft-sided suitcases, as the hard sided ones don’t nest when not in use. They also don’t have any exterior pockets, and no compartments inside, either. That makes it easy to spot whatever they need, but harder to access anything without opening the entire suitcase. I would choose a suitcase that has backpack straps or a shoulder strap option. While these spinners do have a handle on the top, they make getting on and off trains and other public transportation options trickier. And they don’t hitch easily to other suitcases, so when the kids get tired of pulling them, it’s hard to combine more than one of them with other luggage or get more than one on a stroller for transport.

Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie spinner luggage suitcase zippered side
My kids can stuff all sorts of things in their suitcase.

But if you want a sturdy suitcase that will take your child from toddler to tweens, these solid spinners get the job done. With fun patterns and colors and the option to personalize, kids can find one that speaks to them and all their travel needs.

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