Pound Puppies

Pound Puppies Newborn brown with black spots in box

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Boxes Full of CuddlesPound Puppies Newborn brown with black spots in box

  • What: Pound Puppies
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Cuddly, affordable, cure
  • Where: Amazon

Did you adopt any Pound Puppies as a child? If you remember the cuddly stuffed dogs from your own childhood, you might recognize these adorable Pound Puppies pets.

Pound Puppies Classic Stuffed Animal on Amazon

Back in the same packaging that spoke to us as children, these pups come in two sizes. You can get the fully grown dogs measuring about seventeen inches. Or adopt a puppy, complete with diaper, which measures about six inches long. No matter which size you choose, these puppies come packaged in a cardboard box decorated to look like a fence. They also include an adoption certificates kids can fill out.

Pound Puppy Newborn stuffed animal brown with black spots with adoption certificate and sheet showing different patterns, colors, and styles
These adorable pups come with an adoption certificate and a brochure showing all the available colors and patterns.

You can choose the pattern and color you like best, from white, brown, and gray, and solid or spotted. With their heads sticking out of the box, you get a good idea of what your new pet will look like. Their soft fur makes them great for snuggling and petting.

Pound Puppy Newborn sitting in diaper on top of box on sofa
The smaller newborn versions come with a diaper as well.

I had a hard time resisting these guys when I first saw them in stores. I managed not to come home with the entire pack, but my daughter received one as a birthday present. I don’t know who was more excited, her or me. I think the newer versions are even softer than the ones I had in childhood. In any case, we’re excited to add another member to the stuffed animal family.

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