Kingdoms Lawn Game

Kingdoms Lawn Game in carrying bag on bench

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Conquer the Block Battlefield

Kingdoms Lawn game red blocks castles and wooden balls armies next to child's feet on grass
  • What: Kingdoms Lawn Game
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, easy to learn, fast set up
  • Where: Uncommon Goods or ET Games

Have your game shelves filled up? Want a game the whole family can play, without screens, electronics, or complex rules? Get outside with Kingdoms, the new lawn game storming the nation.

Kingdoms Lawn Game in carrying bag on bench
The lawn game comes complete with a canvas sack that holds all the pieces when not in use.

In this game, one to four players (or more if you team up, or buy multiple sets) compete to knock over all their opponent’s blocks, called castles, before their own get toppled. Blocks come in sets of four, with different colored designs on each one. Place one of each type of block in the bag, and let players choose randomly without looking. Once each player gets assigned a set of blocks, they take turns in the order prescribed in the instructions. Each player throws one of their rectangular blocks into the battlefield, which is designated by the seven stakes included with the game. After all players throw their four blocks, they stand them up. Then players take turns tossing their balls, called armies, underhand to knock over the blocks.

Kids and grown up playing Kingdoms lawn game on grass in park next to road
You can play this lawn game almost anywhere, even without an actual lawn.

Each color gets one super power, from re-throwing during the development stage to moving forward from the battle line. Kingdoms makes three different sets total, and they come four to a game. You can buy ancient, new age, or distant lands versions to collect all the different types. Since this game doesn’t require any reading, anyone who can toss a ball can play.

Kingdoms Lawn Game block castle set up on grass
Players takes turns tossing blocks like this one onto the playing field.

We got this game earlier in the year and the kids would play every day if we let them. The blocks have held up to repeated tosses, and while the balls have a few dings from curbs, concrete, and other obstacles, they still work great. The balls all come in the same color, which means my kids argue over who collects which ones. You can also easily lose track of them if you’re throwing in long dry grass as they blend in remarkably well.

People wide age range kids and adults playing Kingdoms Lawn Game in shade on sunny day
Almost any age player can play Kingdoms.

The best part? Any obstacles, from trees, dips in the ground, to bikes and other kid detritus, become part of the game. Players can place their castles around these obstacles to get extra protection, as long as they don’t support the blocks and prevent them from getting knocked over. So you can play almost anywhere that you feel comfortable with kids throwing balls and blocks of wood.

Get your game on with this new fantasy spin on traditional lawn games. 

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