Electronic Battleship

Electronic Battleship game and instruction manual set up on carpeted floor

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Bring on the Battle NoiseElectronic Battleship game and instruction manual set up on carpeted floor

  • What: Electronic Battleship
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Noisy, fun spin on classic game
  • Where: Amazon

If your kid loves battles, electronics, or just the joy of making lots of unnecessary noise, check out Electronic Battleship.

Electronic Battleship Game on Amazon

This classic game pits two players against each other as they use a grid format to locate and sink their opponent’s ships. The first player to sink all of the other ships wins. But the electronic version adds another dimension to play, thanks to electronic voice commands and sound effects signaling air raids and more. Kids can challenge each other or play on their own, and the game includes 30 preset positions to choose from, as well as allowing players to devise their own battle formations.

This version of the game includes buttons and sounds.

Classic mode plays like the standard game, either alone, where the computer simulates the other player, or with an opponent. Take turns picking coordinates to attack and try to locate an opponent’s pieces. Or try the advanced mode, which allows each player to guess three coordinates on each turn and adds air raids and battle scans to help hit targets.

If your kid loves noise, they will love this game. It chatters constantly in an electronic voice, with pings and chirps for good measure. All the background noise makes it fun for kids, and best played in an area where it won’t disturb others.

Get your battle plan ready and lead the charge in this souped-up version of the classic game of strategy and luck.

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