Shark Splash Pad

Shark Splash Pad mat for young kids with inflatable shark and sand bags toss

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Take a Bite Out of Fun

Shark Splash Pad mat for young kids with inflatable shark and sand bags toss
  • What: Shark Splash Pad
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, easy to set up
  • Where: Amazon

Want to get your kids wet and wild without a swimming pool? If your kids love the water, and space is at a premium, try this Shark Splash Pad.

Tobeape Splash Pad Sprinkler for Kids on Amazon

Much like our beloved splash pad, this mat holds an inch or two of water. It doesn’t need any air to inflate the pool, as water from the hose makes it all happen. Sprays of water shoot out around the edge, and adjusting the hose makes the spray higher or lower. But this shark version adds even more fun, thanks to the inflatable shark in the middle. Simply blow up the shark before attaching the hose, and let the fun begin.

Inflatable shark water play mat for kids
Multiple kids can fit in ths splash pad.

A big hole in the middle marks the mouth of the shark, and kids take turns tossing the four included sand bags into the shark to feed it. Kids can enjoy splashing, playing, lounging, or anything else they think of with this pool. Intended for the younger preschool set, older kids can also get in on the action. My ten year old still plays with this splash pad despite being well beyond the intended age.

If you want lots of fun without spending big bucks, start splashing with the sharks today with this Shark Splash Pad.

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