Painted Letters

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Kid Made Gifts and DecorPainted Letters 1

  • What: Painted letters
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Fun, original, adorable keepsake
  • Where: At home

Want an easy project for almost any age? Grab your kids, paint, and some letters and create your own unique gifts and decor.

Kids of any age can work on this project. All you need to get started is craft paint, some letters in any size and material (available at most craft stores), newspaper, paint brushes, and a paper plate. Spread the newspaper out to protect the surface. Let kids pick their paint colors and squeeze small amounts onto the paper plate to use as a palate. Then let them loose with their imaginations.

Wooden letters painted in bright colors by kids
This project is easy for almost any age.

Kids can paint patterns, or colors, or make just about any design. They can do one letter, their initials, their last name, or whatever else strikes their fancy. Want a great gift? Have kids decorate letters for relatives, friends, and more. Maybe you’d like some striking nursery decor for the new addition. Adults can get in on the fun, too, by doing their own letters. Or let bigger siblings paint letters for their new younger sibling. No matter how you choose to use the finished product, kids enjoy the chance to put their own stamp on these unique display items.

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