Hamsters Without Hassle

Zuru Hamster in a House tiny toy on wooden floor next to supermarket play set

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Rodent-filled Entertainment for Kids

Zuru Hamster in a House tiny toy on wooden floor next to supermarket play set
  • What: Hamster books and toys
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, affordable, no care required
  • Where: Amazon

Got a kid begging for a pet hamster? Want to encourage your child’s obsession with these small furry creatures without committing to the lifespan and care of a living pet? Get one of these hamster-inspired toys or books to keep your kid satisfied (and keep live rodents out of your house).

Zuru Hamster in a House toy pet supermarket play set connected with tracks to other small houses

Tiny Toy Hamsters: You can get one of these tiny toy hamsters that runs on batteries. Much like the real thing, they run around on the floor in no discernible direction. They also have soft furry bodies to pet and touch, but they don’t need food, water, a cage, or any other care.

Scribble Scrubbie Animal Toys: Look for the hamster in this hard fuzzy type of animal. Kids can decorate the hamster with the included markers, then give it a bath and start all over again. While these don’t move, they also don’t use batteries, and kids can get all the joy of bathing their pet and playing over and over again.

Hamster Princess book 4 Giant Trouble by Urusla Vernon

Hamster Princess Books: Want to read about the exploits of rodent royalty? Look no further than Harriet, whose antics and adventures fill the pages of the books in these graphic novel hybrid books. With plenty of humor for both kids and adults, everyone can enjoy reading these tales together.

Kids playing with Zuru Hamsters in the House play sets combined into big city on floor rug

Hamsters in the House: If you want more than just a hamster, get the full set of track and accessories. The plastic track snaps together easily, and guides the battery powered hamsters along the path from one place to the next. With extra details like carts to push and slides to ride, kids will love watching these tiny toys interact.

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