Calico Critters Tea Set

Relax and Refresh Your CrittersCalico Critters Town Tea and Treats tea party accessory set

  • What: Calico Critters Town Tea and Treat Set
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, detailed, works with other sets
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child enjoy hosting tea parties? Maybe they love miniatures, or want to expand their Calico Critter world. If so, check out the Calico Critter Town Tea and Treats Set.

Calico Critters Town Tea and Treats Set

With this set, kids can treat their critters to a fancy tea anytime. With two wrought iron type chairs and a table to match, animals can take a seat and enjoy their pick of chocolates and macaroons served with tiny teacups and saucers. The scene wouldn’t be complete without the requisite teapot for brewing delicious concoctions.

Calico Critters Town Tea and Treats Set with two adult otter animals sitting and standing
Critters can enjoy a cup of tea and a treat thanks to this small set.

This set makes a great gift for Calico Critters fans. It does not include any animals, though, so if you’re starting your collection, pair it with an animal family. It also complements the chocolate lounge set  perfectly, for a bigger gift set, or to bring even more fun to the table.

Make sure you get this tiny tea set for your child to host their next party during play time.

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