Road Trip Essentials

Rubbermaid back seat car organizer with fold down tray

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Hit the Highway With ConfidenceRubbermaid backseat car og

  • What: Road Trip Essentials
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Keep kids entertained in the car
  • Where: On the go

Got a road trip with your littles planned for the summer? Want to make long drives more pleasurable (or at least less miserable) for everyone in the car? Make sure you have these three essentials to keep kids calm and quiet for hours at a time. 

Rubbermaid back seat organizer filled with kid entertainment for road trips

Back Seat Car Organizer: We can’t imagine leaving home without our backseat travel organizers. These affordable hanging organizers keep all sorts of entertainment handy. They even have a fold down tray, much like an airplane seat, to provide a surface for drawing, playing, reading, eating, and more. With mesh pockets to store all the essentials in easy sight, it means adults spend less time turning around and fetching items for backseat riders.

Cocoon brand inflatable travel pillow air core packable

Inflatable Travel Pillow: A pillow goes a long way to making kids comfortable enough to sleep. And this inflatable pillow works great. Not only does it take up minimal room, and fit in a cup holder (or backseat organizer!) when not in use, but you can inflate it to whatever firmness your kids desire. Kids can even blow it up on their own, saving you the trouble. 

Kidz Gear Wired headphones for toddlers and kids in blue shown folded up

Kids’ Headphones: Comfortable headphones can make all the difference for riders on long distance trips. Get soft padded headphones that won’t irritate their ears even after hours of wear. These headphones also fold up, making them easy to store when not in use. And when each kid gets equipped with their own set, they can enjoy their own music, shows, and more, making the trip more enjoyable for everyone. As an added bonus, headphones can also help block other noise, like sibling complaints.

If you have plans to hit the road this summer, or anytime with kids, get the right gear before you start the car and make sure everyone remembers the fun. Want more ideas for road trip entertainment? Check out Road Trip Supplies for everything kids need to stay busy without relying on screens.

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