Farm Inspired Learning

farm inspired learning practice for literacy skills with amscan farm fun travel kit, Boogie drawing boards play and trace farm friends accessory pack, and chalkboard placemat with chalkboard crayons

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Practice with Farm Fun

Amscan travel kits Farm Fun theme Boogie drawing board farm friends accessory pack and chalkboard placemats with chalkboard crayons

  • What: Farm Themed Learning
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Got a farm fan in your household? Want to encourage your young kids to practice writing skills over the summer break while indulging their love of farm animals? If you want to keep kids entertained and practicing important school skills during their time off, check out these fun accessories, perfect for at home or on the go.

Boogie Board Play and Trace Farm Friends Accessory Activity Pack

Boogie Drawing Board Accessories: Boogie drawing boards work great for practicing a variety of skills, like writing, tracing, and even spelling. Kids can draw on the board then erase with the push of a button. To make it even more fun, you can get accessory kits that include six pages of images to trace, two cling sheets to set the scene, and a brush. The farm pack comes with cows, horses, pigs, a barn, fence, and much more to thrill the budding farmer.

Amscan activity kit in Farm Fun with four tiny markers stickers and coloring sheets

Amscan Travel Coloring Kits: These tiny kits include coloring pages, four small markers, and sticker sheets. Perfect for traveling, kids can color the sheets, then use the blank backside of the page for even more fun. Whether they add stickers, play games like tic-tac-toe, or draw freestyle, the farm set will spark their imagination thanks to the animal themed pictures and stickers.

Imagination Starters reusable washable chalkboard place mats forest scene colored in by seven year old child

Chalkboard Placemats: These placemats can be used during meals or anytime. Write with chalkboard crayons, chalkboard markers, or even regular chalk to let kids doodle to their hearts’ content. One side includes a set scene, and the other side remains blank, waiting for their imaginations to fill it in. The animal four pack includes a farm mat where little agriculturists can plot out their farm set up.

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