Fairy Lights for Kids

White fairy lights 100 lights per 33 foot strand installed on ceiling

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Magical Illumination

Fairy lights for kids installed on ceiling of top bunk of RV travel trailer

  • What: Fairy Lights for Kids
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, multi-purpose, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to brighten up your child’s night? Maybe you want to add some pizazz to their personal play space, or bring an extra punch to their playhouse. No matter the reason, you can’t go wrong with these Fairy Lights.

JMEXSUSS White Fairy Lights Two Pack on Amazon

These super affordable white strand fairy lights come two in a pack. The white wire makes them super durable and easy to position. With 33 feet and 100 lights per strand, they can brighten up almost any surface. The included battery pack holds three AA batteries (not included), which means you can put them almost anywhere, indoors or out. The set also comes with two remote controls, which allow you to turn them on or off, set a timer, or choose one of eight modes. Even better, if you don’t want white, these same lights come in seven other color options.

Fairy lights for kids installed on ceiling of travel trailer bunk with remote
The remote lets you turn the lights on and off as well as choose a mode, adjust brightness, and control the timer option.

I got these lights almost a year ago and they still work great. The wire has held up to use, and we’ve only replaced the batteries once despite my kids occasionally leaving them on all night long. We use them on the ceiling  in our travel trailer, to give the kids’ bunks lights they can control. One remote can control both strings of lights when positioned close together. Depending on the user, that can be a bonus or cause issues. These lights would also work great for inside a play tent or to bring more illumination to a tree house or outdoor decor, since the battery compartment doesn’t require plugging in and can resist water.

Battery pack for white string fairy lights
The water-resistant battery pack holds three AA batteries, not included with purchase.

If you want lots of tiny string lights without breaking the bank, order your fairy lights now and brighten up any place you choose to use them.

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