Best Travel Entertainment for Kids

Best travel entertainment for kids Where's Waldo book Little Airport Dover activity book Farm Fun Amscan travel kit Frozen Spot it Water Wow Deluxe

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Keep Kids Occupied on the Go

Where's Waldo book Water Wow Deluxe crayons in soap dish for travel Spot It! Frozen edition busy box for kids

  • What: Best Travel Entertainment for Kids
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Be prepared for adventure
  • Where: On the go

Heading on a journey and taking your kids along? Want to make sure they have plenty to do while confined in a seat for hours on end? Check out this list for a variety of ideas to keep them entertained long past the battery life of any screen.

Busy box clear container with nesting removable squares next to toys for car ride

Busy Boxes: Pack a busy box with your kids’ interest in mind. From art to Hot Wheels cars, you’d be amazed by how many small things will keep them occupied. Best of all, when packaged in a new and interesting container, they find more ways to have fun.

Inside animal sticker book early learning priddy activity

Sticker Activity Books: If your child loves stickers, find an activity book for them. You can get these interactive books with all sorts of different themes. Kids will have fun completing the challenges and applying the stickers to each page. Got a younger child with you? Look no further than Dover Little Activity Books. These tiny sticker scenes can keep even young kids intrigued.

Crayons shown in two halves of a travel soap dish box case

Soap Dish for Crayons: If you have a budding artist on your hands, consider repurposing your old travel soap dish. It works perfectly for holding crayons. Kids can see all the color options, and in a pinch, you can put crayons in both sides of the dish to split between multiple kids. It also protects crayons from breaking in transit.

Best Books for Travel: Get the best activity books to keep kids entertained longer with these picks. From a variety of look and find options to more advanced skills, your kids can enjoy these books over and over again, with minimal reading required for kids who suffer from motion sickness. 

Mickey Mouse Imagine Ink mess free activity book and Brain Quest grade 3 question and answer card deck

Long Distance Entertainment: Want even more activities to keep kids busy in the backseat? Check out this list of interactive props. From trivia to color changing pages, you can find something for almost any age and stage in these selections. 

Car Games: In case your packed items lose their appeal, be ready with these games that require no packing. From classics like I Spy, the whole family can pass some time with these games on the go. And if you want to include a compact game that’s easy to play almost anywhere, don’t forget your preferred version of Spot It

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