Farm Inspired Play

WizKid Homestead Set Playmobil Horse Carry Case Janod Farm Story Box

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Beyond the Barnyard


  • What: Farm themed toys
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, versatile, inspirational
  • Where: At home

Got a little farmer on your hands, but no land to cultivate? Want to encourage their big dreams of caring for fields and all sorts of domesticated animals? Whether your child is obsessed with a specific farm animal, loves all the farm equipment, or can’t get enough of growing things, these toys will give new life to their interests.

Miniature Toy Madness: Although these tiny sets don’t always come cheap, they do have the intricate detail that appeals to kids. Marketed towards adults participating in role playing type games, the fragile pieces work best for older kids six and up. But if your kid can handle the tiny pieces and intricate details, they will love these sets. You can get them already painted in full detail or let your kids decorate their own.

Playmobil Horse Grooming Station shower toy

Playmobil Horse Grooming: If you want more sturdy options, you can’t go wrong with Playmobil, From compact carry boxes filled with horses or bunnies to any of their country sets, little farmers will delight in all the accessories and scenes they can create with these pieces and props.

Janod Story Box Circus contents inside box with lid off to right side

Janod Story Boxes: For the youngest enthusiasts, Janod makes super sturdy play boxes, including one with a farm theme. The thick wooden construction makes standing pieces upright easy, while the cardboard storage box doubles as a background for the scene. These sets also work well with other toys, such as wooden train tracks and magnetic blocks for even more fun.

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