Calico Critters Grocery Market

Calico Critter Grocery Market with bunny shopping at store

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Super Shopping Experience

Calico Critter Grocery Market with bunny shopping at store

  • What: Calico Critters Grocery Market
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, detailed, multiple setup options
  • Where: Amazon

Do your Calico Critters need to replenish their kitchen? Maybe your child’s animals prefer to source their own organic fruits and vegetables. If so, send them to the Calico Critters Grocery Market

Calico Critters Grocery Market on Amazon

Visitors to the market can choose from a basket or a shopping tote to fill with fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, and more. From crackers to canned corn and cereal, the grocery store offers everything a hungry family might need. The checkout stand comes complete with a moving conveyor belt to expedite the checkout process and eliminate long lines. The display stand makes it easy for customers to see everything on offer. And the market itself can be positioned at the edges of the floor for more space, or centered to leave room outside to set up shop. 

Calico Critter Grocery Market set up with bunny shopping
The market can be staged on the edges of the floor for more interior room.

No matter which way your child chooses to set up this grocery play set, they will have oodles of fun getting their Calico Critters fortified with food. Like most Calico Critter sets, it does not include any animals, so if you are just starting your collection, you’ll want to add some animals of your choosing to your purchase as well.

Calico Critter Grocery Market
Or kids can place the market facing the opposite direction to create more room outside.

Have fun expanding your critter world with this detailed grocery market.

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