Weapons of War

Weapons of War books with DVD Battleships Attack Helicopters and US Navy Carriers

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Battle Ready FactsWeapons of War books with DVD

  • What: Weapons of War Books and DVD
  • When: 10 years and up
  • Why: Educational, detailed, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Got a kid who loves battles? Want to get your child interested in history? Check out Weapons of War, a series of books about various world conflicts and the artillery used in them.

US Navy Carriers Weapons of War Book with DVD on Amazon

Each installment comes loaded with facts about one type of weapon. From helicopters to battleships, these nonfiction DVDs come with a book tucked inside the case. With pages loaded with facts and history, kids and adults can both enjoy all the tidbits hidden inside.

Attack Helicopters
Each book comes with a DVD tucked inside the front cover.

From the history of the battleship as the mainstay of navies around the world, to the evolution of the fighter planes, learn more about how each type of vehicle brought a new dimension to conflicts. The 24 page booklets come packed with tiny text, fact boxes, and even a quiz at the end. The accompanying DVD covers roughly 40 minutes of material on the same subject. 

Battleships book with DVD page spread from Weapons of War series
The pages come chock full of facts about the topic, like this one on battleships.

Whether your child wants to learn more about artillery, aircraft, or armaments, this series of DVDs and fact-filled books will thrill them with historic photos, lots of action, and plenty of examples.

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