Packing Lunch Like a Pro

packing lunch for kids wildkins lunch boxes Thermos insulated food jars Skip Hop water bottles Thermos insulated water bottle easy lunchboxes mini dippers

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Keep Kids Fed on the Go

packing lunch for kids wildkins lunch boxes Thermos insulated food jars Skip Hop water bottles Thermos insulated water bottle easy lunchboxes mini dippers

  • What: Packing Lunch Like a Pro
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Keep kids fueled
  • Where: On the go

Getting ready to send your kids back to school with a full stomach? Need the right lunch box that can stand up to everyday use and abuse? With more than eight years of packing lunches for kids under our belts, we can safely say these products, ideas, and tips go the distance.

Wildkin Lunch boxes lined up in row on countertop

Wildkin Lunch Boxes: If you want more from a lunch box, consider grabbing one of these soft-sided reusable lunch containers. With insulation to keep the contents safe, a mesh pocket on the inside to hold extras like utensils, and an outer zippered pocket for snacks, hand sanitizer, or even your kids’ collection of rocks, these lunch boxes make great companions.

Thermos Funtainer stainless steel kid water bottles pink unicorn print gray and white BB8 Star Wars design

Kid Water Bottles: Keep drinks cool and kids hydrated with these straw cups made just for kids. With lots of fun designs to choose from, and hinges and parts that hold up to lots of wear and tear, your child can enjoy these water bottles. The flip top lids even keep spouts protected when not in use.

Water Bottles: Young kids love these metal straw water bottles from Skip Hop. Soft wrap around insulation makes it comfortable for little hands to hold at any temperature. Replaceable parts make it easy to fix when little ones gnaw off the plastic bits. These durable bottles can stand up to almost any abuse.

EasyLunchboxes Mini Dippers set of 8 clear plastic containers for packing inside lunch containers with orange, yellow, green, and pale blue lids. Containers shown in two stacks of four

Easy Lunchboxes Mini Dippers: If you want to add a little pizazz to their lunch options, grab a stash of these tiny containers. From dips and condiments to just the right amount of sweets, these reusable containers with lids fit perfectly inside their lunch box.

Thermos Funtainer ten ounce food jar insulated container for kids Star Wars red laying open on side and bright blue closed propping up red lid

Thermos Food Containers: Want to keep their soup hot or their pasta salad cold? You can’t go wrong with these sturdy food jars. Made with insulation to keep foods hot or cold, they fit inside most lunch boxes and keep food fresh for hours on end.

easy luncbox packed with food

Back to the (Lunch) Box: Packing lunch for the first time? Make sure you get everything you need, from the right divided containers to a cute insulated soft shell. These picks go the distance to keep your little one fed and watered.

GoGurt Yoplait kid yogurt tube with Elsa packaging tucked into lunch box as cold pack

Yogurt Cold Packs: Don’t you hate it when a cold pack takes up half the real estate in your child’s lunch? Keep items cool and add extra snacks with this simple yet clever idea. 

Now all that’s left for you to do is decide what to put inside all these goodies to make sure your kids gobble up all the contents.

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