Board Books for Kids Who Love Vehicles

Vehicle board books Slide and Find Trucks Mighty Dads Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? I'm Dirty! in a stack

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Get Their Engines Revving

Vehicle board books Slide and Find Trucks Mighty Dads Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? I'm Dirty! in a stack
  • What: Board books for kids who love vehicles
  • When: 6 months to 4 years
  • Why: Sturdy, affordable, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have a little one obsessed with vehicles in all their incarnations? Does your child dream of getting behind the wheel of a big rig, or taking control of one of many construction site machines? If you want to thrill the little vehicle enthusiast in your life, grab one of these board books and get them started on a journey of learning.

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? board book by Brianna Caplan Sayres

Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night Book: This sweet book covers all sorts of vehicles, from fire trucks to diggers and many, many more. Each big truck has a different bedtime routine for their little one, making this board book the perfect addition to your nighttime ritual.

Slide and find trucks board book Roger Priddy bright baby books

Slide and Find Truck Book: This brightly colored book has loads of full-color photos of actual vehicles, from tractors to big rigs. Each page has panels that slide to reveal the answers to various questions. Kids will love moving the pieces back and forth to reveal their favorite motors as they start to grasp early learning concepts such as colors and matching.

Mighty Dads construction vehicle board book by Joan Holub

Mighty Dads Book: This book celebrates the big role dads play, even in the lives of vehicles! Each page illustrates the different ways dads love and support their offspring, from big hugs to working together. Kids and grown ups will both enjoy the sweet images and rhyming text found inside these pages.

I'm Dirty board book by Kate and Jim McMullan

I’m Dirty Book: Ride along with the digger as he gets to work on a dirty garbage-filled lot. With lots of fun cartoon illustrations and a great attitude, this little digger turns work into fun. The book includes some counting practice as well as lots of mud, dirt, and more, as the front loader cleans the site. 

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