KAVU Rope Bag

KAVU Mini Rope sling bag purse on hardwood floor

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Carry All in Style

KAVU Rope Sling bag mini close up of exterior pockets
  • What: KAVU Rope Bag
  • When: Preschool to college
  • Why: Durable, lots of patterns
  • Where: Amazon or KAVU

Have you graduated from carrying diaper bags wherever you go? Still want a bag that can handle all the things parents need to have handy, but has a little more pizazz? Maybe you want to express your style, all while keeping the essentials in reach but both hands free. Look no further than KAVU’s Rope Bag.

KAVU Rope Bag on Amazon

Like a fanny bag for the new millennium, this bag can do it all. With five pockets, it carries everything you and your kids might need, from Epipens to wallets to extra bags just in case. Two vertical zippered pockets might seem strange, but once you slide the bag around to access the items inside, the zippers seem just right to let you look into every corner and crevice. That makes finding things even easier. 

KAVU Mini Rope sling bag purse with poc
The KAVU Rope Bags boast two main sections, each with a vertical zipper.

The quintessential rope bag comes in two sizes, a regular and a mini. The regular size measures 20 inches tall by 11 inches wide and 5 inches deep. The smaller version comes in at 16 inches wide by 9 inches tall and 4 inches deep. Either one will carry a ton of stuff, so it just depends on how much room you like. Both boast the rope straps with an easy buckle for quick release, as well as a smaller zippered exterior pocket and a Velcro pocket. Even on the mini version, the exterior pocket can handle a phone for quick access.

Inside KAVU Mini Rope sling bah
Despite the small size, the mini offers plenty of room inside the compartments.

I’ve carried this rope bag for years. Although I’ve gotten other bags since, I can’t part with my KAVU Mini Rope Bag. It holds everything in the five pockets, and yet still fits inside tote bags for extended travel. You can access everything inside without ever taking it off, meaning I don’t have to worry about forgetting it anywhere. If you end up carrying your kid’s backpack, you can slide the rope bag around to your front, and still have two hands free for whatever else comes up. Best of all, the wide range of colors and patterns means there’s a bag to suit almost any style.

Whether your kid is three or thirteen, you can’t go wrong with this laid-back rope sling bag wherever your adventures take you.

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